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What is The Mindful Parenting Company?
Hey! Thanks for checking us out. The Mindful Parenting Company is a subscription and gift box company for all parents and carers with babies up to 24 months old.
We have 25 boxes in total: 'Newborn box', '1 month old' box, '2 months old' box, all the way to '24 months old' box. Each monthly box provides information and items corresponding to the age of the baby. We aim for the parents to receive the box when the baby turns that age. For example, if you subscribe or pay upfront for a subscription, when the baby turns 1 month old they will receive the '1 month old' box, when they turn 2 months old they will receive the '2 months old' box etc. 
If a baby is newborn, we recommend the 'Newborn box' which we will send straight away (unless you tell us to wait), and then as long as you have provided baby's date of birth, we will aim for the '1 month old' box to arrive on their 1 month birthday. 
The information provided is generic information only, it is not medical advice and not personalised to each child. 
What's in a box and what are the boxes about?
Each box contains an A4 information card, milestone card, image/ story prompt, 20 activity cards, a toy that is matched with the skills that neurotypical babies tend to learn each month, a beautiful book, and a lovely treat for parents- such as mood boosting candle, chocolates, or relaxing bath products. 
The boxes have a focus on monthly child development, child psychology and positive mental wellbeing to help parents understand the important period of growth (both physically and mentally) that their baby goes through in their first two years.
We don't tell you exactly what's in each specific box because that's part of the fun for you when it arrives on your doorstep!
Who are you, and why do you care?
My name is Katie, a Health Visitor, neonatal & adult nurse, and mum of two, with a passion to help parents understand and connect with their baby! I care because the first two years of life have been proved to be so important for a child's life chances, but from my experience as a health professional and as a mum myself, these two years can also be really challenging for parents. I created The Mindful Parenting Company to help increase parents' confidence by giving them the information that they need when they need it. 
I'd like to buy a box, what are my options?
Great news! There are three main options:
A one off box (just tell us which one off box you'd like to buy);
Subscribe- tell us baby's date of birth on the cart page and we'll do the rest. 
Buy a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription and pay upfront- tell us baby's date of birth on the cart page and we'll do the rest. Or if baby hasn't been born yet, just pop that in the notes section at checkout and we'll start sending the boxes when you tell us to.  
What if I'd like to buy a one-off box or subscription as a gift?  
What a great idea!  Our boxes make fabulous gifts for the new parents and babies in your life!  Our one-off boxes, monthly subscription or pay upfront subscription are all available as gifts.  If the baby has been born then select the box or subscription you would like and then pop baby's date of birth in on the cart page and add a message (optional) in the gift recipient box.  Then add the recipient's shipping information at checkout and don't forget to choose a different billing address and pop your details in there. 
If you are purchasing a gift for a baby who hasn't been born, please note this in either the date of birth box or comments box in the cart, and we will hold off sending the box until you let us know (just drop us an email).
When will you take my subscription payment each month?
 Your first payment will be taken when you check out and the chosen box will be sent for your baby's next monthly birthday, unless you order the newborn box, in which case it will be sent straight away.  Your monthly payment will be taken around seven days before your baby's monthly birthday.  We will then dispatch your box to arrive around baby's monthly birthday.
If I change my mind or want to pause my subscription, how do I do this?
We'd be very sorry to see you go, and if we can do anything to help please let us know! You can easily cancel your subscription by dropping us an email to making sure you give us at least 14 days notice before your next box is due to arrive, otherwise you will be charged for that month.
If/when you choose to restart your subscription, just select subscribe on the website and pop your details in again including baby's date of birth, and we'll send the next box for your baby's monthly birthday just like before. We don't hold any of your information so we can't restart your subscription unless you enter your details again. 
How much is postage, and how long does it take to receive a box?
Shipping and postage is always included, no hidden costs here! We use Royal Mail to deliver our boxes and obtain proof of delivery, the box may take 3-4 days to get to you. If you haven't received it by your baby's monthly birthday, please let us know and we'll look into it for you.  We are currently only able to deliver to England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.
You talk about gender-neutral, eco-conscious, clutter-free and inclusive on the website, what does that mean?
Our boxes are gender-neutral, meaning we don't have separate information/toys/books/activities for boys and girls as we want to actively challenge gender stereotypes.
Being eco-conscious means that we are concerned about the environment. We have taken steps to ensure that we reduce our impact on the environment such as using compostable mailers rather than single use plastic, we use recycled boxes, and we encourage our customers to reuse the box or recycle them. 
We have chosen to make our boxes minimal and clutter-free to contribute to positive mental wellbeing, and our boxes are inclusive to all grown-ups who look after a baby, regardless of whether they are the baby's birth parents or not. 
If we've missed anything please let us know!