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The supportive parenting box for your baby's first years.

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Arriving for your baby's monthly birthday

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Supporting you for the month ahead

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Gender-neutral. Eco-conscious. Clutter-free. Inclusive.

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Welcome to The Mindful Parenting Company!

Our Boxes

Each box contains:

A luxury item for the well deserving parents such as a mood-boosting candle, rejuvenating facial steam, or eye pillow.

An educational toy or item perfectly suited to baby's developmental needs each month.

A beautiful and age-appropriate book that parents will love reading to their baby as much as baby will love looking at it.

Our famous Mindful Parenting Company information card (also great to use as a milestone card) which is packed full of evidence-based child development insight and parenting tips for the month ahead, as well as what's new and what to encourage to support baby's development for the month.

We also include mindfulness activities to support your wellbeing and an A5 prompt to get you chatting or singing to your baby.

And there's more! Each monthly box contains 20 activity cards to help you to connect with your baby and support their development.

We are proud that our boxes are gender-neutral, clutter-free and inclusive to all parents and carers.
We are an eco-conscious company.

Supporting you on your parenting journey

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