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National Smile Month: Building Healthy Habits for Your Baby's Brightest Smile

It's National Smile Month, and what better time to celebrate those gummy grins than by setting your little one on the path to a lifetime of good oral health? While those first pearly whites might seem invincible, establishing a gentle dental care routine early on is key to preventing decay and ensuring your baby's smile stays bright and healthy.

Brushing Basics for Budding Smiles:

You might be surprised to learn that brushing should begin as soon as your baby's first tooth erupts – typically around 6 months old. Don't worry about a full-on scrub; a soft, infant toothbrush with a tiny smear of fluoride-free toothpaste is all you need.

Making Brushing Time a Breeze:

  • Sing a short song or recite a rhyme to make brushing time fun and engaging.
  • Let your baby explore the toothbrush on their own terms before introducing toothpaste.
  • Focus on gentle gum massage to get them accustomed to the sensation.
  • Gradually increase brushing time to two minutes twice a day as your baby grows.

Beyond the Brush: Building a Healthy Mouth:

  • Skip the sugary drinks: Breast milk or water are the only beverages your baby needs in their first year. Avoid juice and sugary drinks that can contribute to cavities.
  • Ditch the bedtime bottle: Constant exposure to milk or formula can lead to tooth decay. Aim to wean your baby off nighttime bottles at around one year old, or ensure you brush their teeth after their bedtime feed.
  • Regular checkups are key: Schedule your baby's first dental visit by their first birthday, or within 6 months of their first tooth erupting.

National Smile Month Resources:

National Smile Month, celebrated 13th May- 13th June in the UK, is a great time to find additional resources on infant oral health. The NHS website offers valuable information on caring for your baby's teeth, and your dentist can provide personalised guidance specific to your child's needs.

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