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How to keep your baby cool in hot weather

It's hot hot hot at the moment isn't it! Here are our tips for:

  • Keeping your baby cool
  • Keeping you and your baby hydrated
  • Keeping rooms cool
  • Activities to play in the hot weather


Keeping your baby cool

It's so difficult when you have a young baby in the hot weather, everything is a worry, plus your baby might be more sleepy and hungry! In order to keep your baby cool, try to keep your baby out of direct sunlight, such as:

In the shade, in a little sun tent, in their pram with a shade creator such as a parasol, or inside (supermarkets are very cold if you want a cool place to hangout!). Pop a sun hat on for extra protection from the sun when outdoors.

It's important to never cover your pram with a muslin as air needs to flow in and around your pram so that your baby doesn't overheat. 


It's also worth noting that most sun creams are only suitable from 6 months as younger babies have such sensitive skin, so do check on the packaging, even if it says suitable for babies.💛

Keeping yourself and your baby hydrated

We all need to drink more when it’s hot, so make sure you have a water bottle on hand for you!

If your baby is breastfed, the NHS advises to offer breast milk more often when it’s warm. This also means that you’ll need to keep even more hydrated to make up for the extra feeds.

If formula fed, give your baby the same amount of formula feeds as usual, but offer them some cooled boiled water between feeds. We don’t want them to have too much water though as it can fill them up, so just an ounce or two to last the day should be plenty.

If your baby is over 6 months old then they can have sips of water regardless of how they are fed.


Keeping rooms cool

Open your high windows to let air flow (ensure that you only open windows that your baby can’t reach).

If you have an electric fan, put it on the rotate setting. It’s important not to face it at your baby as it can make them feel too cold and affect their breathing.

Keep blinds and curtains mostly closed so that the sun can’t shine directly into the room.

If they use a sleeping bag, a 0.5 tog and nappy is best. If not, you may wish to dress them in a light vest. The general rule is: whatever you’re comfortable in plus one layer.

 Activities to play to keep cool!

Under 6 months:

Make ice cubes and put them in a baking tray for baby to move around (practise a bit of tummy time at the same time!)

Give them a lukewarm bath!

Give them a regular gentle wipe with a cold flannel.


Over 6 months:

Get the paddling pool out or even a washing up bowl to sit in!

Offer cold snacks such as watermelon or cucumber.

Freeze some small toys into ice cubes that your little one has to rescue! (Be sure to supervise this activity so that the toys don't end up in their mouth). 

Set up baby with a bowl of cold water and a sponge and ask them to wash their toys!

We hope you found these tips useful, please let me know in the comments sections! Thanks, Katie x

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