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How do Babies Communicate?

You may have heard people say that babies don’t communicate until they start talking… well they do- they just use their behaviour to communicate instead of words!

Each baby is an individual with a different personality, different preferences, and different needs. Some prefer to be held constantly, whereas others become overwhelmed if they are handled lots. Some drink their milk in one go, whereas others prefer to have little and often.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves as new parents when we think that we should automatically know what our baby wants, what their cries mean, or how to soothe them. This is something that you WILL learn, but it takes time. There will be lots of trying different things- picking up, walking around, feeding, burping, trying to tweak sleep times.

And one day you’ll realise that you and your baby are in sync- you read their signals and cues without noticing and respond automatically. 

This sort of understanding can’t be read in a book, or found on Google. It’s just slowly, slowly, sculpted through little interactions each day that help you and your baby communicate with each other. So if today seemed hard, just remember that just by responding positively to your baby, you have made a huge impact on them. And if they could thank you, I bet they would!

 In case you’d like some support with the interactions mentioned above, the activity cards in our boxes are especially designed to help you to connect and communicate together, so take a look and see if they’re for you.

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